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he following are the resources defined in the data dictionary and represented as separate tabs in this workbook. The revision is the latest change in the given resource in the format YYYYMMDD"T"HHMM. (i.e. 2:27pm Pacific on 1/31/14 would appear as "20140131T1427")

Resource Most Recent Updates

ResourceDefinitionStatus ChangeRevisionModification
PropertyThe fields commonly used in a Multiple Listing Service listing.20160621T000020160513T000020160513T0000
MemberThe roster of agents, brokers, appraisers, assistants, affiliates., etc. who are members of the MLS and/or Association of REALTORS®.20160621T000020160317T000020160317T0000
OfficeThe roster of offices who are members of the MLS and/or Association of REALTORS®.20160621T000020160317T000020160317T0000
ContactsClient and other contacts of the member.20160621T000020160317T000020160317T0000
MediaThe database and informational representation of media, such as photos, virtual tours, documents/supplements, etc.20160621T000020160324T000020160324T0000
HistoryTransactionalThe transactional history of the listing.  A separate record is generated showing the before and after value of any change to each field.20160621T000020160317T000020160404T0000
SavedSearchA means to communicate the saved search criteria and other relative data as it relates to saved search.20160621T000020160317T000020160404T0000
OpenHouseThe fields commonly used to record an open house event.20160621T000020160317T000020160317T0000
TeamsThe name and other information about teams of members who work together.20160621T000020160317T000020160528T1200
TeamMembersThe key fields that tie records from the Members resource to the related records in the Teams resource.20160621T000020160510T000020160528T1200
OUIDThe RESO Orginizational Unique Identifier.20160621T000020160317T000020160528T1200
Lookup Fields and ValuesThe picklist or enumerated options found in single select or multi select fields.  This list relates back to the resource via a group name.20160621T000020160513T000020160528T1200

Additional Change Log

PropertyAdded "/Property" to groups that were lacking the leading resource name in the group. 20141013T1205
SuggestionsAdded additional suggestions to Suggestion tab. 20141018T0900
Resource & Version InfoAdded this Additional Change Log to account for changes that don't call for an update to the timestamps elsewhere in the Dictionary. 20141018T0900
PropertyChanged groups for UnitType fields from /Property/UnitType to /PropertyUnitTypes 20141018T1530
SuggestionsAdded suggestion to change data type of Subdivision. 20141021T1415
SuggestionsAdded suggestion to handle saved search query exceptions 20141022T1159
PathAdded the new "Path" column to all resources and changed the "Group" column to use an underscore as the delimiter rather than a forward slash.  Also updated the Meta-Definitions page adding "Path" and updating the definition for "Group". 20141104T1000
SuggestionsAdded to suggestion page. 20141217T0000
All TabsUpdated the column "Core" to be called "Certification Level". 20150522T0000
PropertyAdded missing Element Status and Status/Revised Dates for LeasableArea and LeasableAreaUnits 20150601T0000
Resource & Version InfoAdded Field and Change Counts 20150603T0000
IntroductionRemoved "charter" from "consider the benefits of becoming a charter member" 20150603T0000
PropertyAdded draft IDX information for new IDX payload discussion. 20150617T0000
All TabsSpelling corrections in definitions and notes. 20150617T0000
DeletedEnumerationsAdded the a new Deleted Enumerations tab and added DeletedEnumerations to the Resource & Version Info page. 20150721T0000
EnumerationsAdded new resource columns to flag Contacts, HistoryTransactional, SavedSearch, Teams and TeamMembers. 20150812T0000
PathUpdated the path on Property fields that were just /Listing to now be /Property/Listing. 20150815T0000
HistoryTransactionalCorrected the Path for HistoryTransactional from /History to /HistoryTransactional 20150818T0000
All TabsAddition of Modification Timestamp, Original Entry Timestamp and DD Version added. 20160420T0


Certification Level Counts

Certification LevelTotal Fields per
Certification Level 

Change Counts

Change TypeTotal Proposed and Deprecated 
Proposed Field Additions/Changes0
Proposed Field Deprecations0
Proposed Lookup Additions/Changes0
Propose Lookup Deprecations0

Resource Field Counts

 ResourceTotal Fields*

Lookup Fields and Values


* Active, Proposed, Deprecated

Property Type Field Counts

Property TypeTotal Fields*
Residential Lease473
Residential Income (Multi-Family)491
Manufactured in Park489
Commercial Sale400
Commercial Lease401
Business Opportunity320

* Active, Proposed, Deprecated


Page Revision Date: Jun 16 2016

Form: ResourceVersionInfo

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