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Field Name (Standard Name)?: TeamMemberType

Definition (May contain rules that must be observed)

The role of the member within the team. i.e. team lead, principle, associate, assistant, etc.

Lookup Status?: Open with Enumerations 

Lookup?: <Not Defined>

Sug. Max Precision?: 

Repeating Element?: No



Status Change Date?: Jul 21 2015

Revised Date?: May 10 2017

Added in Version?: 1.4.0

Lookup Values?


Page Revision Date: May 10 2017

Form:  OtherNoLookupResourceField


  1. 3/18/15 - Added per workgroup request during the 2/19/15 meeting.
  2. 4/16/15 - Approved by workgroup.
  3. 7/21/15 - BOD approved addition.
  4. 8/12/15 - added missing Lookup reference.
  5. 4/4/16 - updated Enumeration Status.
  6. Removed lookup value 'MemberType' and replaced with <Not Defined>