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The most current version of the RESO Data Dictionary for public view is: 1.7

Data Dictionary 1.7 has just been approved and released for public view

The Data Dictionary 1.7 Wiki can be found here.

The RESO Data Dictionary 1.7 has been approved (Dec 18, 2018) and now the official most current and up to date RESO Data Dictionary version. Previous versions are listed below.

Welcome to the RESO Data Dictionary Wiki

This is the Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO) Data Dictionary Wiki Home Page. Please feel free to browse and get acclimated to terms and fields relating to the transmission of real estate data. To leave a comment you can click on 'comment' link at the bottom of each page, or better yet, join our growing ranks as a RESO member an really make a difference.

To learn more about this wiki and RESO please follow this link Data Dictionary Introduction

Data Dictionary (Current Version)

  • Data Dictionary 1.7 Wiki can be found here. (Approval Date: 12/28/2018)

Data Dictionary (Previous Versions)

  • Data Dictionary 1.6 Wiki can be found here. (Approval Date: 8/4/2017)
  • Data Dictionary 1.5 Wiki can be found here. (Approval Date: 6/21/2016)
  • Data Dictionary 1.4 Wiki can be found here. (Approval Date: 7/21/2015)
  • Data Dictionary 1.3 and older versions can be found here.
  • Data Dictionary Downloads can be found here. (Please scroll down to the bottom of the page to view the download section)

Note to Mobile Users!

It is best for mobile users to view our wiki in 'Desktop Site' mode. This applies to Chrome, Safari, Firefox and other mobile browsers.  If the left navigation pane is not visible, then scrolling down to the section labeled 'Child Pages' will give you similar options.

Page Revision Date: Dec 28 2018

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