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Field Name (Standard Name)?: DualVariableCompensationYN

Definition (May contain rules that must be observed)

A commission arrangement in which the seller agrees to pay a specified commission to the listing broker if the property is sold through the efforts of a cooperating broker, but the seller pays the Listing broker a different commission amount if the sale occurs if:1) there is no cooperating broker involved or 2) due to the efforts of the seller directly.

Group?: Property Resource, Listing Group, Compensation Group

Simple Data Type?: Boolean 

Suggested Maximum Length?: 

Synonym(s)? DualVariableCompensation, DualVariableRateCompensation, VariableCompensation

Field (Element) Status?: Active


Certification Level?: Core

RecordID?: 100038

Page Revision Date: May 28 2016 12:00 PM 

Form: PropNoLookupResourceField


  1. 3/23/12, changed length to 1, to match other Y/N fields.
  2. Old Std Name Note: There are currently two fields in the RESO Schema, "IsDualVariable" and " VariableRateComp1". This appears to be redundant and only a single Yes/No field is needed. A better descriptive name is also recommended.
  3. 11/21/13 - Change all Y/N Single Select to nullable boolean per 2013 fall meeting workgroup. 7/3/14 BOD Change Approved.
  4. 2/8/16 - Updated definition to resolve ambiguity.
  5. 6/21/16 BOD Approval. Set to Active.