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Data Dictionary Wiki Version: 1.5

The Member Resource includes information on the roster of agents, brokers, appraisers, assistants, affiliates., etc. who are members of the MLS and/or Association of REALTORS (r).The groups within the Member Resource include the following:


JobTitle Field
LastLoginTimestamp Field
MemberAddress1 Field
MemberAddress2 Field
MemberAOR Field
MemberAORkey Field
MemberAORkeyNumeric Field
MemberAORMlsId Field
MemberAssociationComments Field
MemberCarrierRoute Field
MemberCity Field
MemberCountry Field
MemberCountyOrParish Field
MemberDesignation Field
MemberDirectPhone Field
MemberEmail Field
MemberFax Field
MemberFirstName Field
MemberFullName Field
MemberHomePhone Field
MemberIsAssistantTo Field
MemberKey Field
MemberKeyNumeric Field
MemberLanguages Field
MemberLastName Field
MemberLoginId Field
MemberMiddleName Field
MemberMlsAccessYN Field
MemberMlsId Field
MemberMlsSecurityClass Field
MemberMobilePhone Field
MemberNamePrefix Field
MemberNameSuffix Field
MemberNationalAssociationId Field
MemberNickname Field
MemberOfficePhoneExt Field
MemberOfficePhone Field
MemberOtherPhone[Type]Ext Field
MemberOtherPhone[Type]Number Field
MemberOtherPhoneType Field
MemberPager Field
MemberPassword Field
MemberPhoneTTYTDD Field
MemberPostalCode Field
MemberPostalCodePlus4 Field
MemberPreferredPhoneExt Field
MemberPreferredPhone Field
MemberStateLicense Field
MemberStateLicenseState Field
MemberStateOrProvince Field
MemberStatus Field
MemberTollFreePhone Field
MemberType Field
MemberVoiceMailExt Field
MemberVoiceMail Field
ModificationTimestamp (Member) Field
OfficeKey Field
OfficeKeyNumeric Field
OfficeMlsId Field
OfficeName Field
OriginalEntryTimestamp (Member) Field
OriginatingSystemID (Member) Field
OriginatingSystemMemberKey Field
OriginatingSystemName (Member) Field
SocialMedia[Type]UrlOrId Field
SocialMediaType Field
SourceSystemID (Member) Field
SourceSystemMemberKey Field
SourceSystemName (Member) Field
SyndicateTo (Member) Field


Page Revision Date: Jun 11 2016

Form: Resource

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