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Field Name (Standard Name)?: ModificationTimestamp

Definition (May contain rules that must be observed)

The transactional timestamp automatically recorded by the MLS system representing the date/time the listing was last modified.

Group?: Property Resource, Listing Group, Dates Group

Simple Data Type?: Timestamp 

Suggested Maximum Length?: 27

Synonym(s)? ModificationDateTime, DateTimeModified, ModDate, DateMod, UpdateDate, UpdateTimestamp

Field (Element) Status?: Active

BEDES?: Date Status = "Modified" Date = [value]

Certification Level?: Core

RecordID?: 100020

Page Revision Date: May 28 2016 12:00 PM 

Form: PropNoLookupResourceField


  1. Change type to Timestamp per workgroup meeting, 4/20/12.
  2. 10/18/15 - IDX payload transferred to DD.
  3. 9/24/15 - WG increased length from 24 to 27.
  4. 6/21/16 BOD Approval. Set to Active.