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Field Name (Standard Name)?: TaxStatusCurrent

Definition (May contain rules that must be observed)

The current tax status of the mobile home in cases where the land or space is included in the sale.

Group?: Property Resource, Tax Group

Simple Data Type?: String List, Multi 

Suggested Maximum Length?: 50


Field (Element) Status?: Active

BEDES?: Tax Status Current = [value]

Certification Level?: Silver

RecordID?: 100896

Lookup Status?: Open 

Lookup?: <insufficient input to enumerate. Reviewing possible deprecation.> 

Sug. Max Precision?: 

Repeating Element?: No

Property Types?: MOBI


Status Change Date?: Nov 19 2013

Revised Date?: Jul 10 2013

Added in Version?: 

Page Revision Date: Jan 19 2016 

Form: PropNoLookupResourceField

1 Comment

  1. 7/10/13 - workgroup addition . . . . 11/19/13 Approved by BOD