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Data Dictionary Version: 1.4

The Data Dictionary Wiki is built on a 'Tree' structure with a traditional expandable/collapsible tree paradigm in the left navigation panel. 

Using the Tree to Navigate - The highest Data Dictionary Wiki level which can be viewed at program start up is devoted to the major wiki categories mostly known as 'Resources'. That high level will have terms like Property, Member (i.e real estate agents), Office (i.e. Brokers), Media,etc. Clicking into the second level you may see the 'group' level which further refines a selection process from the parent node. Lower levels contain the actual Data Dictionary fields. Lookups (aka Enumerations) are structured somewhat differently but should be obvious.

Links and Cross Links - There is extensive use of links and cross links in this wiki mock up. As an example, while viewing a field with lookups you can also view the lookups as well as click through and see detail on that lookup. It is also possible to backward chain from any lookup items back to one of its referenced fields.

Other points of interest include:

Data Dictionary 1.4 Approval Date: July 21, 2015


Page Revision Date: 2016-09-06