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Change log summary for version: 1.6

Additional Change Log

SubjectCommentModification Date
Exclusive Right With ExceptionChanged definition to lookup value Exclusive Right With Exception,2018-10-10
Visitor bathroomChanged lookup value name 'Visitor bathroom' to 'Visitor Bathroom'2018-01-10
Missing Reference/Missing LookupThe column 'References' was blank and corrected for some Lookup Values in BusinessType and LeaseTerm Lookups . The lookup value 'Comment' was missing and now placed correctly in the xml/.xlsx file.2018-01-09
CamelCase CorrectionsChanged lookup field column for all lookup values under the lookup field HoursDaysOfOperation Lookups2018-01-08
Missing DefintionsAdded definitions to lookup values Recyclable Materials and Gray Water System2018-01-08
TyposFixed minor typos by correcting CamelCase names and illegal revised date fields2017-12-15
ContactListingsResourceCorrected values in the 'Lookup' column for fields: ClassName Field (ContactListings) and ResourceName (ContactListings) Field.2017-09-27
TyposFixed various typos for following fields. HoursDaysofOperationDescription Field, Eventh Type Field, Actor Lat/Log Fields, MemberMLSAccessYN Field, OrganizationStatus Field2017-09-01
TyposFixed various typos for 4 fields. EventTarget Field, Actor Lat/Log Fields, DeviceType Field2017-08-22
Moved DD 1.6 to public viewData Dictionary 1.6 was released for public view.2017-08-06
Converted Proposed to Active statusPrior to making 1.6 public, all finalized proposed fields and lookups were converted to Active. Deprecated fields were removed.2017-08-06
Add new resource type Collections.ContactListingNotes, PropertyGreenVerification, PropertyPowerProduction, PropertyRoom and PropertyUnitTypes Collections were added along with fields that use those collections (GreenBuildingVerification, Rooms, UnitTypes, PowerProduction and ListingNotes Fields)2017-05-28
Add New Resources, Fields and Lookups Approved in Apr 2017 ConfContactListings, InternetTracking, Prospecting and Showing Resources to DD 1.6 along with the associated lookups were added to DD 1.6.2017-05-11
Remove MemberTypeLookups from TeamMemberType FieldThe lookup MemberType Lookups was erroneously assigned to field TeamMemberType in DD 1.5 and 1.6. That lookup should be removed and replaced with <Not Defined>2017-05-10
Add Cross Referencing Agent and Member SynonymsFor every field name that includes "Member" we added a synonym of the same field name substituting "Member" for "Agent"2017-04-07
New Lookup ValuesMany new lookup values were added from a meeting in San Dimas on 2016-12-072017-03-15
StructureType Field CorrectionStructureType Field had a value in the Lookup column indicating that lookup values existed. This was not the case as no lookup values have yet to be designated for StructureType Field.2017-01-17
HTML Entity CodesSome HTML entity codes were appearing in defintion fields. Those were corrected.2017-01-10
PropertySubType LookupsAdded 10 new commercial type lookups to PropertySubType Field2017-01-05
CommonInterestAdded Common Interest Field and related Lookups2016-12-27
Date/TimestampModified Date and Timestamp Definitions on Wiki page Data Dictionary Terms and Meta Definitions2016-11-04
Open House, Birthdate FieldThe fields, OpenHouseDate and Birthdate have the correct data type of "Date", but the length is 24 instead of the standard of 10 for dates2016-11-07
Commercial Synonyms "Retail"Enumerations for Commercial Sale, Commercial Lease and Business Opportunity have synonyms of Retail, Retail Sale and Retail Lease.  These are specific types of commercial property or businesses.  As such they should be removed from the Synonym column in the Dictionary. 2016-10-04
DualVariableCompensationYN field Definition ChangesDefintion change for DualVariableCompensationYN Field2016-08-25
LeadSource FieldCreate LeadSource Field in the Contacts resource2016-08-25
GardnerExpenseRename field GardnerExpense Field to GardenerExpense Field to correct spelling error2016-08-25
Furnished LookupsAdded lookup (enumeration) Furnished Or Unfurnished to Furnished Lookups2016-08-25
Duplicate value in ID columnsCorrected many duplicate ID columns (e.g. RecordID, LookupFieldID, LookupID). All changes can be found (among others) in page Change Log Summary2016-08-22
Add 'Other' as a lookup valueAdded 'Other' lookup value to: BodyType, CompensationType, FoundationDetails, LockBoxType, Possession and RentIncludes2016-08-25
StandardStatus FieldChanged definition in Data Dictionary version 1.5 and 1.62016-10-26
One And One HalfAdded Lookup Value 'One And One Half' to Levels Field2016-09-13

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