An escalation clause/provision in a lease to adjust the amount paid by the tenant (lessee) where the adjustment will follow the Consumer Price Index (CPI).


Lookup Value: CPI Adjustment

Legacy OData Value: CpiAdjustment

Lookup Name: ExistingLeaseType

Synonym(s):  --

Element Status: ACTIVE


Revision Date: JAN 22 2015

Version Added: 1.4.0

Lookup Name ID: a128363

Lookup ID: f20c2b1

References: RINC,COML

Spanish (Lookup Display Name): Ajuste CPI

French-Canadian (Lookup Display Name): --

Lookup Status Change Date: JUL 21 2015


ExistingLeaseType (Property)

  • 29% of Systems (5/17)
  • 2% of Organizations (11/501)

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