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Data Dictionary Wiki Version: 1.7

The Contacts Resource contains information on client and other contacts of the member. The fields within the Contacts Resource include the following:

Anniversary Field
AssistantEmail Field
AssistantName Field
AssistantPhoneExt Field
AssistantPhone Field
Birthdate Field
BusinessFax Field
Children Field
Company Field
ContactKey Field
ContactKeyNumeric Field
ContactLoginId Field
ContactPassword Field
ContactStatus Field
ContactType Field
ContactsOtherPhone Field
ContactsSocialMedia Field
Department Field
DirectPhone Field
Email2 Field
Email3 Field
Email Field
FirstName Field
FullName Field
HomeAddress1 Field
HomeAddress2 Field
HomeCarrierRoute Field
HomeCity Field
HomeCountry Field
HomeCountyOrParish Field
HomeFax Field
HomePhone Field
HomePostalCode Field
HomePostalCodePlus4 Field
HomeStateOrProvince Field
JobTitle (Contacts) Field
Language Field
LastName Field
LeadSource Field
MiddleName Field
MobilePhone Field
ModificationTimestamp (Contacts) Field
NamePrefix Field
NameSuffix Field
Nickname Field
Notes Field
OfficePhone (Contacts) Field
OfficePhoneExt (Contacts) Field
OriginalEntryTimestamp (Contacts) Field
OriginatingSystemContactKey Field
OriginatingSystemID (Contacts) Field
OriginatingSystemName (Contacts) Field
OtherAddress1 Field
OtherAddress2 Field
OtherCarrierRoute Field
OtherCity Field
OtherCountry Field
OtherCountyOrParish Field
OtherPhone[Type]Ext Field
OtherPhone[Type]Number Field
OtherPhoneType Field
OtherPostalCode Field
OtherPostalCodePlus4 Field
OtherStateOrProvince Field
OwnerMemberID Field
OwnerMemberKey Field
OwnerMemberKeyNumeric Field
Pager Field
PhoneTTYTDD Field
PreferredAddress Field
PreferredPhone Field
ReferredBy Field
SocialMedia[Type]UrlOrId (Contacts) Field
SocialMediaType (Contacts) Field
SourceSystemContactKey Field
SourceSystemID (Contacts) Field
SourceSystemName (Contacts) Field
SpousePartnerName Field
TollFreePhone Field
UserDefinedFieldName[#] Field
UserDefinedFieldValue[#] Field
VoiceMailExt Field
VoiceMail Field
WorkAddress1 Field
WorkAddress2 Field
WorkCarrierRoute Field
WorkCity Field
WorkCountry Field
WorkCountyOrParish Field
WorkPostalCode Field
WorkPostalCodePlus4 Field
WorkStateOrProvince Field

Page Revision Date: Mar 10 2020

Form: Resource