Property has been carefully designed to prevent, monitor, and suppress pollution issues. Carefully selected low-emission materials have been used in the home. May include passive or active radon control, carbon monoxide monitoring, and high-efficiency sealed combustion for equipment such as furnaces and water heaters. May include elimination of materials that contain lead or asbestos. May include reduction of materials that contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs, including formaldehyde) and pesticides.


Lookup Value: Contaminant Control

Legacy OData Value: ContaminantControl

Lookup Name: GreenIndoorAirQuality

Synonym(s):  --

Element Status: ACTIVE


Revision Date: MAY 13 2016

Version Added: 1.5.0

Lookup Name ID: d7ff788

Lookup ID: 76ab2a0


Spanish (Lookup Display Name): Control de Contaminantes

French-Canadian (Lookup Display Name): --

Lookup Status Change Date: JUN 21 2016


GreenIndoorAirQuality (Property)

  • 35% of Systems (6/17)
  • 2% of Organizations (12/501)

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