A RESO Data Dictionary certificate can be awarded for applicants achieving certain compliance levels.

Updated specification documentation is now available on RESO’s GitHub. All testing will be performed on the new RESO Commander certification software stack. Members are encouraged to email dev@reso.org to access these tools for their own pre-testing purposes prior to certification.

Certifications expire when the awarded certification is older than the two most recent versions of a specific standard. Older but still recognized RESO standards certifications are classified as “Certified Legacy” and those which are certified on the most recently ratified standards are called “Certified Current.”

  • RESO is certifying for Data Dictionary 1.7.

  • Data Dictionary 1.6 is considered "Certified Legacy" as of November 10, 2021.

  • Data Dictionary 1.5 certifications have expired. 

  • Data Dictionary 2.0 certification testing will begin upon final testing and approval of testing tools.

RESO displays information about certified organizations in three places on its website: as part of a certification map, in a definitive list and in a list of organizations that are not compliant.

Reports are also displayed as part of RESO Analytics at certification.reso.org.

Certification Model: Core + Endorsements

The traditional metallic levels of certification (i.e., Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum) from Data Dictionary 1.6 and prior versions have been folded into a single "Core" standard tied to RESO Web API server capabilities that will ensure a baseline of interoperability between systems.

Additional “Endorsements” will be available on a case-by-case basis as a means to promote extra capabilities.

Data Dictionary endorsement examples can include features like:

  • IDX Payload for broker reciprocity

  • BBO (Broker Back Office) Payload

  • JSON Data Dictionary endorsement for non-MLS organizations. 

The benefit of the new Core + Endorsements model is a stable standard foundation that also allows flexibility and agile growth into new arenas.

Data consumers will be able to access any server in any market with a common set of capabilities, while data producers are supported in a wide variety of additional standard features that they may want to add to serve their customers.

RESO Commander walkthroughs serve to acclimate technical personnel with the new testing tools.

Key Updates to Standards Specifications and Testing Rules

  • Standardization of StandardLookupValue will align Data Dictionary with the RESO Web API Transport specification.

  • Items that are necessary for technical implementations such as Keys and ModificationTimestamps must be present in certified data sets. RESO will sample data from certified systems, and a lack of data in these fields is cause for potential revocation of certification.

  • Certifications will require fully compliant metadata. RESO resources, fields and lookups must follow RESO standard names and data types. RESO will run data sampling on these servers to produce field and data availability reports. Those reports will be displayed alongside RESO certifications.

Please contact dev@reso.org for information about RESO’s testing tools for questions on the certification process.

Page Revision Date: Aug 10 2023