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Lookup Value?: Green Infrastructure

From Lookup Field?: GreenWaterConservation Lookups

Definition (May contain conditions that must apply)

Green Infrastructure is a set of strategies and specifically designed systems to manage stormwater runoff through a variety of small, cost-effective landscape features located on a property. Green Infrastructure employs infiltration (allowing water to slowly sink into the soil), evaporation/transpiration using native vegetation, and rainwater capture and reuse (storing runoff to water plants, flush toilets, etc.). May include green roof, rain gardens, rain barrels, permeable paving, etc. EPA Green Infrastructure webpage has more information 


Lookup Status Change Date?: Jun 21 2016

Revised Date?: May 13 2016

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Spanish (Lookup Field)?: ConservaciónEcológicaDeAgua

Spanish (Lookup Value)?: Infraestructura Verde

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