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Field Name (Standard Name)?: GreenBuildingVerificationType

Definition (May contain rules that must be observed)

The name of the verification or certification awarded to a new or pre-existing residential or commercial structure. For example: LEED, Energy Star, ICC-700. In cases where more than one certification have been awarded, leverage multiple iterations of the green verification fields via the repeating element method.

Group?: Property Resource, Structure Group, Performance Group, GreenVerification Group

Simple Data Type?: String List, Multi 

Suggested Maximum Length?: 1024

Synonym(s)? GreenBuildingCertification, GreenBuildingVerification, GreenBuildingRating

Field (Element) Status?: Active


Certification Level?: Silver

RecordID?: 100334

Spanish (Standard Name)?: TipoDeVerificaciónDeEdificioVerde

Page Revision Date: Dec 26 2018

Form: PropResourceField