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Field Name (Standard Name)?: GreenVerification[Type]Metric

Definition (May contain rules that must be observed)

A final score indicating the performance of energy efficiency design and measures in the home as tested by a third-party rater. Points achieved to earn a certification in the GreenVerification[Type]Rating field do not apply to this field. HERS Index is most common with new homes and runs with a lower number being more efficient. A net-zero home uses zero energy and has a HERS score of 0. A home that produces more energy than it uses has a negative score. Home Energy Score is a tool more common for existing homes and runs with a higher number being more efficient. It takes square footage into account and caps with 10 as the highest number of points. This is a repeating element. If desired replace [Type] with the name of the certification from the GreenBuildingVerificationType list.

Group?: Property Resource, Structure Group, Performance Group, GreenVerification Group

Simple Data Type?: Number 

Suggested Maximum Length?: 3

Synonym(s)? GreenCertificationMetric, GreenRatingMetric

Field (Element) Status?: Active

BEDES?: Assessment Value = [value]

Certification Level?: Silver

RecordID?: 100890

Spanish (Standard Name)?: VerificaciónVerde[Tipo]Métrico

Page Revision Date: Dec 26 2018

Form: PropNoLookupResourceField