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Field Name (Standard Name)?: GreenVerification[Type]Status

Definition (May contain rules that must be observed)

Many verification programs include a multi-step process that may begin with plans and specs, involve testing and/or submission of building specifications along the way and include a final verification step. When ratings are involved it is not uncommon for the final rating to be either higher or lower than the target preliminary rating. Sometimes the final approval is not available until after sale and occupancy. Status indicates what the target was at the time of listing and may be updated when verification is complete. To limit liability concerns this field reflects information that was available at the time of listing or updated later and should be confirmed by the buyer.

Group?: Property Resource, Structure Group, Performance Group, GreenVerification Group

Simple Data Type?: String List, Single 

Suggested Maximum Length?: 25

Synonym(s)? GreenRatingStatus, GreenCertificationStatus

Field (Element) Status?: Active

BEDES?: Assessment Recognition Status = [value]

Certification Level?: Silver

RecordID?: 100951

Spanish (Standard Name)?: VerificaciónVerde[Tipo]Estado

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Page Revision Date: Dec 26 2018

Form: PropResourceField