A lease agreement where the owner (lessor) pays all property changes normal to ownership. The opposite to net leases where the tenant (lessee) may pay taxes, insurance, maintenance and even for damages that were not caused by the tenant.


Lookup Value: Gross

Legacy OData Value: Gross

Lookup Name: ExistingLeaseType

Synonym(s):  --

Element Status: ACTIVE


Revision Date: JAN 22 2015

Version Added: 1.4.0

Lookup Name ID: a128363

Lookup ID: a1e8867

References: RINC,COML

Spanish (Lookup Display Name): Bruto

French-Canadian (Lookup Display Name): --

Lookup Status Change Date: JUL 21 2015


ExistingLeaseType (Property)

  • 53% of Systems (9/17)
  • 14% of Organizations (69/501)

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