The HERS Index is the nationally recognized scoring system for measuring a home's energy performance. To calculate a home's HERS Index Score, a certified RESNET home energy rater will do a home energy rating and compare the data against a reference home (a design-modeled home of the same size and shape as the actual home), so the HERS Index Score is always relative to the size, shape, and type of the house. The lower the number, the more energy efficient the home.


Lookup Value: HERS Index Score

Legacy OData Value: HersIndexScore

Lookup Name: GreenBuildingVerificationType

Synonym(s):  --

Element Status: ACTIVE

BEDES: Assessment Program = "ENERGY STAR Certified Homes"

Revision Date: SEP 17 2015

Version Added: 1.5.0

Lookup Name ID: 3087c8c

Lookup ID: dd6c72c


Spanish (Lookup Display Name): Índice de Puntuación HERS

French-Canadian (Lookup Display Name): --

Lookup Status Change Date: JUN 21 2016


GreenBuildingVerificationType (Property)

  • 24% of Systems (4/17)
  • 3% of Organizations (16/501)

GreenBuildingVerificationType (PropertyGreenVerification)

  • 12% of Systems (2/17)
  • <1% of Organizations (4/501)

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