The name of the group of enumerations comprising the given lookup, aka picklist. It is called a "LookupName" in this proposal because more than one field can have a given lookup, so it refers to the name of the lookup rather than a given field. For example, Listing with CountyOrParish and Office with OfficeCountyOrParish having the same CountyOrParish LookupName. This MUST match the Data Dictionary definition for in cases where the lookup is defined. Vendors MAY add their own enumerations otherwise. The LookupName a given field uses is required to be annotated at the field level in the OData XML Metadata, as outlined later in this proposal.

Standard Name: LookupName

Display Name: Lookup Name

Group: --

Data Type: String

Suggested Maximum Length: --

Suggested Maximum Precision: --

Synonyms(s): --

Field (Element) Status: APPROVED


Record ID: 4c120d6

Lookup Status: --

Lookup: --

Payloads: --

Spanish Name: --

French-Canadian Name: --

Status Change Date: DEC 08 2021

Revision Date: DEC 08 2021

Added in Version: 1.7.0


  • 29% of Systems (5/17)
  • 47% of Organizations (236/501)

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RESO certifies against the Standard Name.

Display Name represents a recommendation for public display that MLSs and other data producers may use based on local, legal and language-based needs.

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