The current number of individuals employed by the business on a part-time basis.

Standard Name: NumberOfPartTimeEmployees

Display Name: Number Of Part Time Employees

Group: Business

Data Type: Number

Suggested Maximum Length: 10

Suggested Maximum Precision: --

Synonyms(s): --

BEDES: Occupant Quantity Type = "Part time workers"Quantity = [value]

Record ID: c729b34

Lookup Status: --

Lookup Name: --

Property Types: BUSO

Payloads: --

Spanish Display Name: Número de Empleados Tiempo Parcial

French-Canadian Display Name: --

Status Change Date: JUL 03 2014

Revision Date: DEC 04 2013

Added in Version: --


  • 33% of Systems (5/15)
  • 2% of Organizations (11/498)

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