The “capacity” of a renewables system. Size is measured in kilowatts (kW) DC (referring to direct current). A kW indicates how much power the system can produce under standard conditions, like the size of a car engine. Renewables systems are sized when they are installed to cover all or a portion of the power needs of the property. Therefore, a system designed to produce 50% of the power needs will be sized smaller than a system on the exact same property designed to produce 100%. Size may be influenced by available space at the property, orientation, landscaping, etc.

Standard Name: PowerProductionSize

Display Name: Power Production Size

Group: --

Data Type: Number

Suggested Maximum Length: 5

Synonyms(s): --


Record ID: 7a29c78

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Suggested Maximum Precision: 2

Payloads: --

Spanish Display Name: Tamaño de Producción de Energía

French-Canadian Display Name: --

Status Change Date: AUG 09 2017

Revision Date: MAY 24 2017

Added in Version: 1.6.0


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