Indicates the electric infrastructure on the property has been extended to more easily incorporate an on-site electric generation facility in the future. This would often include, for example, installing conduit and wire from the generation facility to the electric panel, designating circuits on the panel for that generation, and/or leaving room near the panel for future components, such as an inverter.

Standard Lookup Value: Pre-Wired for Renewables

Legacy OData Value: PreWiredForRenewables

Lookup Name: Electric

Synonym(s):  --


Lookup Name ID: 933dfc7

Lookup ID: 090998b


Spanish Lookup Value: Precableado para Renovables

French-Canadian Lookup Value: --

Status Change Date: JUN 21 2016

Revision Date: APR 27 2016

Added in Version: 1.5.0


Electric (Property)

  • 27% of Systems (4/15)
  • 1% of Organizations (7/498)

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