Indicates a comprehensive infrastructure is in place on the property to more easily incorporate an on-site electric generation facility in the future. Can be confirmed via supporting documentation such as a checklist provided by the DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes program. Solar-PV ready, for example, would often include extensive efficiency measures such as insulation and appliances, architectural drawings that design for a clear roof space, installing conduit from the attic to the electric panel, dedicated circuits on the electric panel, and leaving room near the panel for future components of a solar electric system, such as an inverter. Local requirements may vary. (source: DOE Zero Energy Ready Home )

Standard Lookup Value: Ready for Renewables

Legacy OData Value: ReadyForRenewables

Lookup Name: Electric

Synonym(s):  --


Lookup Name ID: 933dfc7

Lookup ID: 0b59436


Spanish Lookup Value: Listo para Renovables

French-Canadian Lookup Value: --

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