Searching the wiki for fields, lookups, textual content and more is performed through the search box in the top right header bar. What follows are some hints/tips to make that process easier.

Simple Searches

The search box (top right navigation bar) looks for terms within whatever version of the wiki you are in (i.e., 1.7, 2.0). Thus, searching a term like "Basement" while in the Data Dictionary 1.7 wiki will only return results from that version.

Advanced search functionality is available to the left of the search dialogue.

Refining Searches

Additional hints and tips on how to do searches within the wiki are located at Data Dictionary Wiki Search Hints.

Below are some of the more common search hints:

Logical AND/OR Searching

  • Typing Evaporative Cooling without quotes will bring up all pages with "Evaporative" OR "Cooling." The OR is implied.

  • Logical operands must be in UPPER CASE. Hence, to query pages that have both "Evaporative" and "Cooling" must be keyed in as Evaporative AND Cooling.

  • Logical operands include: OR, AND, NOT.

Exact Phrase Searching

  • Exact phrases can be entered within quotations. "Evaporative Cooling" will look for pages that have the exact text "Evaporative Cooling."

The wiki can be quirky with exact phrases. It ignores certain common words like the, and, a, if and special characters such as $$, &, /.

Searching by Data Dictionary Field / Lookup Name (e.g., same as Page Title)

  • Searching Entire Page: By default, searching will look at the entire page for a match. Keying in "Cooling" will search the Page Title and anywhere else on the page.

  • Searching by Page Title Only: To restrict searching only to the Page Title (e.g., Field/Lookup name), precede the page title with the text "title:" in the search. Thus, to search only for pages having PropertySubType in the title, enter title:PropertySubType.

Page Revision Date: November 10, 2023