The Data Dictionary StandardLookupValue of the enumerated value. This field is required when the LookupValue for a given item corresponds to a RESO standard value, meaning a standard lookup display name, known synonym, local name, or translation of that value. Local lookups MAY omit this value if they don't correspond to an existing RESO standard lookup value.

Standard Name: StandardLookupValue

Display Name: Lookup Display Name

Group: --

Data Type: String

Suggested Maximum Length: --

Suggested Maximum Precision: --

Synonyms(s): --

Field (Element) Status: APPROVED


Record ID: e12f172

Lookup Status: --

Lookup: --

Payloads: --

Spanish Name: --

French-Canadian Name: --

Status Change Date: DEC 08 2021

Revision Date: FEB 02 2022

Added in Version: 1.7.0


  • 24% of Systems (4/17)
  • 34% of Organizations (171/501)

For more information on items displayed on this page, see Data Dictionary Terms and Meta Definitions.

RESO certifies against the Standard Name.

Display Name represents a recommendation for public display that MLSs and other data producers may use based on local, legal and language-based needs.

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