A list of services or items that the tenant is responsible to pay.

Standard Name: TenantPays

Display Name: Tenant Pays

Group: Financial

Data Type: String List, Multi

Suggested Maximum Length: 1024

Suggested Maximum Precision: --

Synonyms(s): TenantExpense


Record ID: 07d92e8

Lookup Status: Open with Enumerations

Lookup Name: TenantPays

Property Types: RLSE, RINC, COMS, COML

Payloads: --

Spanish Display Name: Arrendatario Paga

French-Canadian Display Name: --

Status Change Date: JUN 21 2016

Revision Date: JAN 11 2016

Added in Version: --

Page Revision Date: Jan 31 2023

Form: PropertyLookup

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