The pro forma rent, or the expected rental income from the given type of unit. This may vary from actual rent which can be affected by factors other than current market value.

Standard Name: UnitTypeProForma

Display Name: Unit Type Pro Forma

Group: --

Data Type: Number

Suggested Maximum Length: 6

Synonyms(s): --


Record ID: 1b849bc

Lookup Status: --

Lookup Name: --

Suggested Maximum Precision: --

Payloads: --

Spanish Display Name: Pro Forma Tipo de Unidad

French-Canadian Display Name: --

Status Change Date: AUG 09 2017

Revision Date: MAY 24 2017

Added in Version: 1.6.0


  • 13% of Systems (2/15)
  • <1% of Organizations (4/498)

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