The property includes a system to reuse stormwater via rain barrels or cisterns for landscaping, or to treat and reuse water from bathroom sinks, showers, and clothes washing drains for landscape irrigation and/or toilet flushing.

Standard Lookup Value: Water Recycling

Legacy OData Value: WaterRecycling

Lookup Name: GreenWaterConservation

Synonym(s):  --


Lookup Name ID: c8d5635

Lookup ID: 26767b0


Spanish Lookup Value: Reciclaje de Agua

French-Canadian Lookup Value: --

Status Change Date: JUN 21 2016

Revision Date: MAY 13 2016

Added in Version: 1.5.0


GreenWaterConservation (Property)

  • 47% of Systems (7/15)
  • 4% of Organizations (14/389)

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