The property has been wired for a built-in sound system. This typically includes in-wall wiring and recessed/built-in speakers and a location for audio equipment. The wiring is in place, but equipment may not be included.


Lookup Value: Wired for Sound

Legacy OData Value: WiredForSound

Lookup Name: InteriorOrRoomFeatures

Synonym(s):  --

Element Status: ACTIVE


Revision Date: MAY 30 2018

Version Added: 1.7.0

Lookup Name ID: e3e1af4

Lookup ID: 7cdcb6d


Spanish (Lookup Display Name): --

French-Canadian (Lookup Display Name): --

Lookup Status Change Date: DEC 26 2018


InteriorFeatures (Property)

  • 35% of Systems (6/17)
  • 5% of Organizations (25/501)

RoomFeatures (PropertyRooms)

  • 6% of Systems (1/17)
  • <1% of Organizations (1/501)

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