The Home Energy Score, managed by the US DOE, is a national system that allows homes to receive an energy efficiency rating, similar to the MPG rating available for cars. The Home Energy Score uses a 10-point scale to reflect how much energy a home is expected to use under standard operating conditions. Homes that are expected to use the least amount of energy (and are considered the most energy efficient) score a 10, and homes that are expected to use the most amount of energy (and are considered the least energy efficient) score a 1. The Home Energy Score uses a standard calculation method and takes into account the home's structure and envelope (walls, windows, foundation) and its heating, cooling, and hot water systems. Only Qualified Assessors who pass a DOE exam are allowed to provide the Home Energy Score.

Standard Lookup Value: Home Energy Score

Legacy OData Value: HomeEnergyScore

Lookup Name: GreenBuildingVerificationType

Synonym(s):  --

BEDES: Assessment Program = "ENERGY STAR Certified Homes"

Lookup Name ID: 3087c8c

Lookup ID: a8a7ae4


Spanish Lookup Value: Puntuación Home Energy

French-Canadian Lookup Value: Home Energy Score

Status Change Date: JUN 21 2016

Revision Date: JUN 17 2021

Added in Version: 1.5.0

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