When individual expense fields are not used and only a total is entered, this lists the expenses that are included in the OperatingExpense field.

Standard Name: OperatingExpenseIncludes

Display Name: Operating Expense Includes

Group: Financial

Data Type: String List, Multi

Suggested Maximum Length: 1024

Suggested Maximum Precision: --

Synonyms(s): --


Record ID: 03c84d6

Lookup Status: Open with Enumerations

Lookup Name: OperatingExpenseIncludes

Property Types: RINC

Payloads: --

Spanish Display Name: Gasto Operativo Incluye

French-Canadian Display Name: Compris dans les dépenses d’exploitation

Status Change Date: NOV 19 2013

Revision Date: JUN 17 2021

Added in Version: --

Page Revision Date: Sep 14 2022

Form: PropertyLookup