Ownership consisting of an individual lot or parcel, generally including the ownership of the land and any structures on the individual lot or parcel. Owners also receive use right in common areas that are generally owned by a homeowner association (HOA). Some common areas may be reserved for the use of some or all of the individual lot owners. Generally, the covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs) will detail the method of management, maintenance, use and control of the common areas and may provide for some control and maintenance of the individual lots.


Lookup Value: Planned Development

Legacy OData Value: PlannedDevelopment

Lookup Name: CommonInterest

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Spanish (Lookup Display Name): Desarrollo Planificado

French-Canadian (Lookup Display Name): Développement planifié

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CommonInterest (Property)

  • 12% of Systems (2/17)
  • 2% of Organizations (9/501)

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