This field is a list of the types of power production system(s) available on the property. The key characteristics of the system are expected to appear as the "[type]" in the related power production fields in a flattened implementation (RETS 1.x only) of the power production fields. A relational implementation of power production must omit the type from the field name and use PowerProductionType to create a vertical representation of the various types of power production available. **Note that PV Solar is the only type of power production currently justified in multiple markets and thus shown. Up and coming renewables that could be added in the future depending on uptake: Wind, Geothermal, Thin Film Solar.

Standard Name: PowerProductionType

Display Name: Power Production Type

Group: Utilities

Data Type: String List, Multi

Suggested Maximum Length: 1024

Suggested Maximum Precision: --

Synonyms(s): --


Record ID: e2d93ab

Lookup Status: Open with Enumerations

Lookup Name: PowerProductionType


Payloads: --

Spanish Display Name: Tipo de Producción de Energía

French-Canadian Display Name: Type de système production d’énergie

Status Change Date: JUN 21 2016

Revision Date: JUN 17 2021

Added in Version: 1.5.0

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