The structure includes multiple products that have a significant amount of postconsumer recycled content. Major green building programs tend to use 25 percent postconsumer recycled content as a threshold. Postindustrial recycled content tends to count toward overall content but to a lesser scale. Some more common examples of recycled content materials include masonry, paving stones or foundations with fly ash; aluminum gutters and downspouts; decking; drywall fibers, insulation and house wrap; vinyl plastics; countertops; and cabinets, interior doors or trim. More details are available on the Home Innovation Research Labs “Browse Green Certified Products” tool or on the LEED Environmentally Preferred Products credit table.


Lookup Value: Recycled Materials

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Lookup Name: GreenSustainability

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Spanish (Lookup Display Name): Materiales Reciclados

French-Canadian (Lookup Display Name): Matériaux recyclés

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GreenSustainability (Property)

  • 47% of Systems (8/17)
  • 3% of Organizations (16/501)

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