A list of possible room types (i.e., bedroom, bathroom, living room, workshop, etc.). Each selected is expected to appear as the type in the related room fields in a flattened implementation (RETS 1.x only). A relational implementation of rooms must omit the type from the field name and use RoomType to create a vertical representation of the various rooms. Note that garage or basement should not be added as a room type, as these are represented by the ParkingFeatures and Basement fields, respectively.

Standard Name: RoomType

Display Name: Room Type

Group: Structure, Rooms

Data Type: String List, Multi

Suggested Maximum Length: 1024

Suggested Maximum Precision: --

Synonyms(s): --

BEDES: Premises Level = "Space" Occupancy Classification = [value]

Record ID: 9f05784

Lookup Status: Open with Enumerations

Lookup Name: RoomType

Property Types: RESI, RLSE, MOBI, FARM

Payloads: IDX

Spanish Display Name: Tipo de Habitación

French-Canadian Display Name: --

Status Change Date: DEC 26 2018

Revision Date: APR 11 2022

Added in Version: --

Page Revision Date: Jul 09 2022

Form: PropertyLookup