Searching the wiki for fields, lookups, textual content and more is performed through the search box in the top right header bar. What follows are some hints/tips to make that process easier.

Simple Searches

The search box (top right navigation bar) searches for terms within the current version (i.e., 1.7) of the wiki. Thus, searching a term like "Basement" while in the Data Dictionary 1.7 wiki will only return results from that version.

Advanced search functionality is available by selecting the "See more results..."

Tapping <Enter> will also bring up Advanced Search Results filters to the right of your results.

For best results, search whole words. 

Note: The left-side panel may not be visible on certain mobile devices unless you are in the desktop version of the wiki on those devices.

Refining Searches

Exact Phrasing and Logical Operands

  • Exact phrases can be entered within quotations. "Evaporative Cooling" will look for pages that have the exact text "Evaporative Cooling."
  • Logical operands include: OR, AND, NOT.
  • Logical operands must be in UPPER CASE. For example, Evaporative AND Cooling.

  • Typing Evaporative Cooling without no quotation marks will bring up all pages with Evaporative OR Cooling. The OR is implied.

Searching by Data Dictionary Field / Lookup Name (e.g., same as Page Title)

  • Searching Entire Page: By default, searching will look at the entire page for a match. Typing Cooling will search the Page Title and anywhere else on the page.

  • Searching by Page Title Only: To restrict searching only to the Page Title (e.g., Field/Lookup name), precede the page title with the text "title:" in the search. Thus, to search only for pages having PropertySubType in the title, enter title:PropertySubType.

The wiki can be quirky with exact phrases. It ignores certain common words like the, and, a, if and special characters such as & and /.

Page Revision Date: Jun 9 2022