A type of legal description for land in developed areas where streets or other rights-of-ways delineate large parcels of land referred to as divided into lots on which homes or other types of developments are built. An example would read "Lot 12 of Block 45 of Tract 3002 of the City of San Dunes, Desert County." Such a description would also reference an official plat filed with the clerk or recorder for that area which shows the location of the block and often the dimensions of the lots therein. The text here is also an index into the property as described by the County Recorder.

Standard Name: TaxLegalDescription

Display Name: Tax Legal Description

Group: Tax

Data Type: String

Suggested Maximum Length: 6000

Suggested Maximum Precision: --

Synonyms(s): LegalDescription


Record ID: 30c74fa

Lookup Status: --

Lookup Name: --


Payloads: --

Spanish Display Name: Descripción Legal de Impuestos

French-Canadian Display Name: Taxes foncières – Description cadastrale

Status Change Date: NOV 09 2011

Revision Date: JUN 17 2021

Added in Version: --

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