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Searching the wiki for Fieldsfor fields, Lookupslookups, textual content and more is easy performed through the left-navigation search box (as shown below). What follows are some hints/tips to make that process easier.

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Simple Searches

The search box (top left navigation bar) searches for terms within the current version (i.e., 1.7) of the wiki. Thus, searching a term like "PropertySubType" while in the Data Dictionary 1.7 wiki will only return results from that version.

Advanced search functionality is available by selecting the search icon to the right of the search box. Selecting "See more results..." or simply tapping <Enter> will also bring up the Advanced Search Results page.

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For best results, search whole words. 


Advanced Search Results Page

Again, selecting Selecting "See more results..." or tapping the <Enter> key will also bring up the Advanced Search Results page options (see below).

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