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Standard Name:  <<StandardName>>

Display Name: <<DisplayName>>

Group: <<Groups>>

Data Type: <<SimpleDataType>>

Suggested Maximum Length: <<SugMaxLength>>

Synonyms(s): <<Synonym>>

Field (Element) Status: <<ElementStatus>>


RecordID: <<RecordID>>

Lookup Status: <<LookupStatus>>

Lookup: <<Lookup>>

Suggested Maximum Precision: <<SugMaxPrecision>>

Repeating Element: <<RepeatingElement>>

Payloads: <<Payloads|Payloads>>

Status Change Date: <<StatusChangeDate>>

Revision Date: <<RevisedDate>>

Added in Version: <<AddedInVersion>>

For more information on items displayed on this page, see Data Dictionary Terms and Meta Definitions.

RESO certifies against the Standard Name.

Display Name represents a recommendation for public display that MLSs and other data producers may use based on local, legal and language-based needs.

Page Revision Date: <<PageModificationTimestamp>>

Form: OtherSimple

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