A contract exists between the seller and the listing member. The listing may be completely off market, not allowing any showings and/or not taking any further offers. For systems that don't use Hold, Withdrawn is a similar status that may be in use. When both Hold and Withdrawn are in use, Withdrawn may be used to indicate a greater certainty that the listing will not come back on market.


Lookup Value: Hold

Legacy OData Value: Hold

Lookup Name: StandardStatus

Synonym(s):  Hold Do Not Show, Temp Off Market

Element Status: ACTIVE


Revision Date: DEC 21 2017

Version Added: 1.4.0

Lookup Name ID: e7214b3

Lookup ID: 010ffd7


Spanish (Lookup Display Name): Retenido

French-Canadian (Lookup Display Name): --

Lookup Status Change Date: DEC 26 2018


StandardStatus (Property)

  • 53% of Systems (9/17)
  • 27% of Organizations (134/501)

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