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Lookup Value?: Accessible Entrance

From Lookup Field?: AccessibilityFeatures Lookups

Definition (May contain conditions that must apply)

Entrance door is a minimum of 32 inches wide; threshold , when present, maximum 1/2-inch, but when over 1/4-inch, is beveled on both sides. The entry door has lever handle for egress. This is required to be considered Visitable. Optional: Entryway is covered; Bench near outside entry door; Motion-detection outside lights. Accessible peephole or other method for inside viewing of anyone outside the entry door. House number easily visible from street by emergency responders. 


Lookup Status Change Date?: Aug 09 2017

Revised Date?: Dec 07 2016

Added in Version?: 1.6.0

Spanish (Lookup Field)?: CaracterísticasDeAccesibilidad

Spanish (Lookup Value)?: Entrada Accesible

Page Revision Date: Aug 09 2017

Form: LookupValue