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Version 1.7 Live

The RESO Data Dictionary is now accepting changes and suggestions for version 1.7

You can download (export) the Data Dictionary Wiki 1.7 to a spreadsheet or computer XML file. Background information on RESO Data Dictionary can be viewed from RESO main website here:

All Data Dictionary files (e.g. Data Dictionary Spreadsheet, Data Dictionary in XML, etc) can be downloaded from in the Data Dictionary page as mentioned above (click here). Please scroll down to the bottom of the page to view the download section.

The latest Data Dictionary 1.7 DRAFT Spreadsheet and XML Downloads are below 

Data Dictionary 1.6 (public as of 8/6/2017) can be downloaded from here: Data Dictionary Public Versions Download 
(Please scroll down to the bottom of the page to view the download section)


Change Log Notes

2018-12-05Added/adjusted payload columns in Property, Member, Office, OpenHouse & Media Resources. All changes can be found from this Payloads Workgroup spreadsheet: RESOIDXPayloadsWorksheet v1.7.xlsx.
2018-11-30Fixed typo, Renamed PhoneTTYTTD to PhoneTTYTDD
2018-11-11(item removed) Added two placeholder fields inside Internet Tracking Resource: PluginList Field and ObjectCollection Field
2018-10-10Definition change to Exclusive Right with Exceptions. Added Synonym to MobilePhone, TeamMobilePhone. Added fields to InternetTracking Resource. Added LookupValues for TeamMemberType, EventType, ObjectType and MemberType. Changes originated from Sept 2018 Data Dictionary Workgroup meeting (2018-09-20 DD Call Notes).
2018-09-07Increase Max Length to 50 chars for MemberType Field and ListingAgreement Field
2018-08-23Fixed Deprecation bug in xml/xlsx files
2018-08-23Many changes from the Aug 16 2018 Data Dictionary Workgroup Meeting (2018-08-16 DD Call Notes)
2018-06-21Added Basement lookup value to ParkingFeatures
2018-06-02Corrections to some fields with incorrect form value (non-data dictionary) in the footer
2018-06-01Added InteriorOrRoomFeatures Lookups

Added new Resources/Lookups pertaining to Queue and Rules (DDWiki_1_7_RulesQueue 2018-05-12.xlsx)


Added 750 new Lookup Values per the Data Dictionary Workgroup (new Lookups: DDWiki_1_7 Lookups v5 2018-04-15.xlsx)

2018-04-20Name/Definition change for PropertyUniversalID to UniversalPropertyId. Add new field UniversalPropertySubId to Property Resource.
2018-04-14Spanish Standard Name, Spanish Lookup Field and Spanish Lookup Value have been added to the DD Wiki, XML and XLSX files.
2018-03-24OpenHouseType Lookups and OpenHouseStatus Lookups had the same LookupFieldId. Made corrections in OpenHouseStatus
2018-03-22Corrected PropertyTypes column in ZoningDescription Field. Added Deprecated fields/lookups to XML and XLSX files
2018-01-16The column header for 'Lookup Status' in all Lookup Value pages has been changed to 'Element Status' to stay consistent with field naming in Resources. The xml/.xlsx tags have also been changed.
2018-01-10Changed lookup value name 'Visitor bathroom' to 'Visitor Bathroom'
2017-12-15MemberEmail Field contained illegal date in revised date column
2017-12-13Corrected definition for LaundryFeatures Field. Changed case in field/lookup names with HoursDaysOfOperation to make it correct camel case.
2017-11-05Added SocialMedia and OtherPhone Collections. Revised xml to have consistent tag naming conventions e.g. changed tag FieldDefintion to Definition
2017-10-15Various resource fields were missing information in the definition columns and some lookup values were missing values in the reference columns. Those omissions have been corrected. None of which would effect certification.

Modified .xlsx file only to include column with explicit page url.

Fixed lookup column in ContactListings Resource fields ClassName Field (ContactListings) and ResourceName (ContactListings) Field.

2017-09-11Added deprecated links to xlsx file
2017-09-01Corrected various typos, see change log page (Change Log Summary) for details.
2017-08-22Corrected various typos, see change log page (Change Log Summary) for details.

The confluence DRAFT space has now been converted to version 1.7.

For a brief moment in time .. DD versions 1.6 and 1.7 are the same until changes are accepted into 1.7

2017-04-13xml & xlsx - Fixed bug in BEDES field which dropped special characters
2017-05-10Corrected TeamMemberType Field
2017-05-12Add resources/lookups for ContactListings, InternetTracking, Prospecting and Showing
2017-05-28Add Collection resources. XML and .xlsx are formatted somewhat different. These files are still under QA.
2017-05-29Added Worksheet Summary tab to .xlsx file
2017-06-14Added missing lookup values to xml and .xlsx files
2017-07-16XML now uses UTF-8 encoding. Fixed some truncated field/lookup names
2017-07-24Corrected column names in spreadsheet Lookup Fields and Values tab. Corrected for non UTF-8 chars


Page Revision Date: Dec 05 2018

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