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ResourceDefinitionStatus ChangeRevisionModification
PropertyThe Property Resource includes fields commonly used in a Multiple Listing Service listing. Notice that some fields are grouped together for viewing convenience, like Business Group.20190124T000020190202T000020190202T0000
MemberThe roster of agents, brokers, appraisers, assistants, affiliates., etc. who are members of the MLS and/or Association of REALTORS®.20181226T000020181205T000020181226T0000
OfficeThe roster of offices who are members of the MLS and/or Association of REALTORS®.20181226T000020181205T000020181226T0000
ContactsClient and other contacts of the member.20181226T000020190123T000020190123T0000
ContactListingsConsumer Portals are a common place where the Contact and Member interact around listings, the ContactListing resource is used to maintain that relationship from Contact to Listing. This resource connects the Contacts and Property resources as well as provides for other information used to maintain the details about the client and member's interaction around the given listing.20181226T000020190828T000020190828T0000
MediaThe database and informational representation of media, such as photos, virtual tours, documents/supplements, etc.20181226T000020181205T000020181226T0000
HistoryTransactionalThe transactional history of the listing.  A separate record is generated showing the before and after value of any change to each field.20170809T000020180602T000020180602T0000
InternetTrackingThe Internet Tracking resource of the Data Dictionary provides a standard data set for the recording and transferring of event related information from real estate products. This allows the participant to monitor and review their real estate data on a grander scale, quickly and efficiently (i.e. listing views from multiple products).20181226T000020181009T000020181226T0000
SavedSearchA means to communicate the saved search criteria and other relative data as it relates to saved search.20170809T000020190828T000020190828T0000
OpenHouseThe fields commonly used to record an open house event.20181226T000020190627T000020190627T0000
ProspectingAlso known as Auto Email or Auto Mail, the Prospecting resource contains the fields supporting a connection between the Contacts and Saved Search resources along with the other fields used to send email to the client when the related saved search criteria locates results in the data being queried by the Saved Search Criteria.20170809T000020170502T000020170809T0000
QueueThe Queue resource is used to represent events that have occurred with records that exist in other resources. A common use case is the deletion or "kill" of a listing record. The Queue resource can be used to show the identity of the deleted record and when it was deleted. The queue resource can be used for other events such as record additions or modifications.20181226T000020180512T000020181226T0000
RulesA flexible resource that can be used to transmit business and system rules from host to client application. These rules may be meant for human consumption, e.g. REBR, in which case the client may be a tool allowing a person to review the business rules. The rules may also be meant for machine consumption, e.g. Rets Validation where the rules are structured to be consumed and executed upon by the client application without human intervention.20181226T000020180512T000020181226T0000
ShowingThe Showing resource is a set of fields that facilitate the passing of scheduled showing events. This resource connects the Listing to the Member who requested the showing, and provides the date and time of the showing.20170809T000020170502T000020170809T0000
TeamsThe name and other information about teams of members who work together.20181226T000020181009T000020181226T0000
TeamMembersThe key fields that tie records from the Members resource to the related records in the Teams resource.20181226T000020181009T000020181226T0000
OUIDThe Organization Unique Identifier (OIUD) resource will provide a common ID system for entities that exchange data in the real estate space in North America.20181226T000020171026T000020181226T0000
ContactListingNotes(Collection) Adding notes about a given listing are a common interaction between the Contact and Member within a consumer portal. ContactListingNotes is a 'sub-table' to the ContactListings resource. This sub-table allows for multiple notes from the Contact or the Member to be stored around a given Listing.20181226T000020171003T000020181226T0000
OtherPhone(Collection) Some systems may allow the input of more than one "other" phone for a given contact or member. In those cases a collection may be used for any number of other phone numbers with information about what type of number is included.20181226T000020171026T000020181226T0000

(Collection) Properties can have a number of different performance ratings applied to them. This resources allows the relation of multiple ratings to the given individual listing.

PropertyPowerProduction(Collection) A property might have a number of means of producing power. Whether different systems, like a solar and wind system, or more than one of a given system, like two different solar systems. This separate resource allows for the relation of multiple power production systems to a single property.
PropertyRooms(Collection) In cases where detailed information about separate rooms in a property are collected, this data is commonly stored in a relational table. This prevents from an overly wide property table and also allows for an unlimited number of rooms that can be detailed.20181226T000020180601T000020181226T0000
PropertyUnitTypes(Collection) With Residential Income, aka Multi-Family properties, each type of unit can have a number of describing fields. In cases where the number of unit types grows, a relational structure is important.20170809T000020170524T000020170809T0000
SocialMedia (Collection) Some systems may allow for the input of more than one type of social media for a given member, office, contact, etc.  In those cases, a collection of social media records may be related to the member, office, etc., record. 20181226T000020180523T000020181226T0000
Lookup Fields and ValuesA list of Enumeration (Lookup) fields with defined lookup values included in the Data Dictionary. 20191125T000020191125T000020191125T0000
Deprecated FieldsThese fields were valid at some point but are no longer supported in this version. 20170120T000020170117T000020170120T0000
Deprecated Lookup ValuesThese lookup values were valid at some point but are no longer supported in this version.20180822T000020160823T000020180822T0000

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